Hey there! Welcome to Adventure For Less!

We’re Jeremy and Kelly, college sweethearts who tied the knot with a dream of exploring the globe.

Ever since we met in college, we knew traveling would be a big part of our lives.

During college, we caught the travel bug studying abroad in Seville, Spain.

We fell in love with sight-seeing, experiencing new cultures, and finding deals.

We started this blog to both share our adventures and experiences as well as provide travel hacking tips to help you travel for less.

We’re all about maximizing our budget on trips, and we want to share the knowledge we’ve gained over the years.

Currently, we document all of our travels on our Instagram:

We share our daily adventures, new landmarks, and the best travel tips you can find.

What is Adventure For Less?

Adventure For Less isn’t your standard travel blog.

We don’t post journal-style blog posts about traveling, but instead, are focused on providing the best travel resources for millennial travelers and young couples on the web.

Our Instagram is where we document our daily lives, showcasing our current travels via our Instagram story and feed.

So, what can you expect from us?

With finance and marketing backgrounds, we’ve always been deal-hunters. We’ve been to countless countries and booked hundreds of experiences worldwide. Through our travels and background, we created Adventure For Less to teach you how to travel the world without quitting your job and without depleting your savings.

Our blog contains three distinct categories of content to help you do just that.

Travel Hacking and Deals

Our travel hacking and deals blog is exactly what it sounds like.

Here we share our biggest tips on all things travel and saving money. We share crucial strategies that we’ve used to save thousands of dollars (literally) on each trip we take.

We cover:

  • The best way to book hotels to save money

  • The best airline credit cards to save on flights

  • How to book excursions for cheap

  • How to leverage points for maximum impact

Here are some of our latest travel hacking resources you can utilize right now!

Adventure For Less Travel Guides

Most travel guides both online and offline are outdated and contain only touristy information. Plus, many are written by blogs who have never actually visited those places!

Kelly and I love touristy destinations, but we also want to live like locals when we travel, experiencing life how locals do.

Our travel guides are consistently updated, and only written for places we’ve visited and experienced, meaning you can trust them on your next vacation.

Here are our top travel guides to inspire or guide your dream trip.

Our Travel Reviews

Traveling is all about experiences and creating memories that last a lifetime.

Wherever we travel, we make excursions a high priority. Our travel reviews blog is where we write in-depth reviews on our excursions around the world.

Without bias we share what we liked, disliked, and recommend.

Here are some of our latest travel reviews you can explore today.

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